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What is Crave Investor?

Crave Investor is the premier online financial markets research and investor resource. Science driven research screens all U.S. and Canadian listed stocks, commodities, currency and bond market E.T.F.s. Use it as a benchmark to manage your own portfolio with expert strategy, execution tips and knowledge building insights.

                                      Monthly and annual subscription packages. 

It is recommended that the research be accessed with a desktop-type device rather than a mobile device(s). 

Don't get burned by the stock market. We run an exhaustive screening process ranking the best indicators first before screening for the top stocks (leaders). It's a proven scientific approach using market metrics that matches real-time developments with reliable historical indicators. In layman's terms it works and when conditions change the system tells you. Find out how to deal with all situations in the markets no matter what is happening. It's available to subscribers. Use it to execute transactions in your online account(s) and enjoy peace of mind and consistent success.

Your portfolio could probably do better. In fact, we're willing to stake our reputation on it. Stability, success, and peace of mind are yours in an easy-to-use, convenient online subscription.

We are the refinement of over 30 years of experience in the real world of investing. Research Director Paul Thornton's experience is extensive including Investment Advisor, educator, media personality, and investor. Having seen just about everything Paul organized and refines the investor platform to empower new and experienced investors to generate above-average performance while avoiding the misery of losses especially when the stock market starts going down.


We don't go out there and sell ourselves as the investment industry does. It's not our style; the system does its own selling as it is simply a superior approach that avoids speculation and the noise people are bombarded with from unreliable sources including the media and the investment industry itself. 

Why it matters?

The system and strategies are designed to meet the needs of individuals, families, Advisors, and Financial Planners. It's for both novice and untrained and experienced sophisticated managers. The research addresses deals with the real world of volatile and sometimes unpredictable markets. When conditions change so does the associated strategy. You'll get that.

The Crave Investor online resource is a benchmark. Use it to execute buys and sells in your own online brokerage accounts. 

Get started. We want to see you succeed. Let us know what you need at


Who we are
Paul Thornton Research Director Crave Investor
Paul Thornton B.Comm

Paul is our founder , Research Director and Workshop facilitator. He has Extensive investment industry experience since before the crash of '87. Conducted an extensive study in the early '90's to assess strategy. After some interesting revelations, adapted the findings of numerous stock market studies from successful investors refining it all into a workable process for analyzing markets and connecting it to sound portfolio decision-making.

Paul is a successful investor, markets analyst, educator and  TV and radio guest in Canadian media.


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