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Crave Investor ROBO-research© is data based market analysis ranking indicators first then screening for the top stocks and E.T.F.s.

See how to incorporate the results in the management of your own investment portfolio.

Build your knowledge.

Get the top ranked U.S. and Cdn. stocks and market E.T.F.s including commodity, currency and bond market E.T.F.s. 

Want the best stocks?
Never get burned by the stock market. How to set yourself up for building your investment portfolio carefully.

"Your stocks picks are superior."

   - J. N.

"Keep up with the great picks".

   - Bob. S.

"Build your financial foundation"

  - P. Walters

Novice Investors

Get the basics including how to enter orders and educational guidance based on the reality of markets. Find out how to deal with the stock market in all situations.

Science, not stories, gets you the best performing stocks in the best companies. Find out when the market starts going down so you may take action! Never get burned by the stock market. Use the science provided from cycles analysis, technical indications and the highest ranked fundamentals.

Examples here.


Take the top ranked buys and sells and enter the transactions in any self directed online broker account such as TD Ameritrade, Questrade, BMO Investorline or E*Trade. Save on fees, do better and take comfort in the consistency.

For more see How to beat the markets.

Peace of mind for less!
Sophisticated Investors

The most experienced investors use the research as a benchmark. Sophisticated screens produce top ranked stocks and market E.T.F.s with comparisons on alternative buy strategies. If you're studious you have the most advanced learning platform anywhere for building your knowledge and your portfolio.

To get something (remotely) close to the Crave experience it would cost $240/mth. and you'd need several sources. We organize and package it all for $40/mth. with the knowledge builder. It's easy to use, on your time.

There is no fluff here or entertaining stories here. It's strictly about what is relevant for managing hard earned money in real time. Is it boring? Maybe, but it works better than known alternatives. Decades of research and studies are behind the extensive screening process; it's organized and refined so you can use it and succeed.


Webinars and workshops are interactive and educational. Boost your knowledge, confidence and build your portfolio.

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