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Manage your own portfolio like a pro

The Crave Investor research is an entirely science driven process. It is unbiased, uses many historical and real time studies and quite extensive. The results you get are the highest ranked stocks and ETFs from the TSX and U.S. markets.

You also get a real time strategy for executing your buys and sells in your online self directed portfolio. 
Use it to engineer your portfolio building with why you take the direction indicated from the research. We are also screening the bond market, commodity and currency E.T.F.s. 

It might sound complicated but we organize it and simplify it so you only spend a few minutes to get the latest updates with what to do with your investment portfolio including execution tips. Crave Investor exists to enable anyone to manage their own portfolio and do so successfully in all market conditions. If you want consistent success grab a subscription, use it as your benchmark.


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Why invest yourself?
Your best opportunity for building personal wealth is through your investment accounts. Take it seriously and focus on the facts to manage risk and avoid setbacks. Mainstream thinking including what you hear from the investment industry may not be serving you.  Don't allow yourself to get burned by the stock market from taking a flawed approach with your hard earned money.


  • The way the portfolio is managed is typically more important than what's going on in the stock market. Crave Investor provides strategies you can use to effectively manage yourself while doing your buys and sells in your self directed investment accounts. Check this out. 

Run your portfolio like a business.

Crave Investor ROBO-research© minimizes speculation. Key features include the identification of the best stocks and E.T.F.s., the timing of buys and sells and strategy to help you stay on track. 
Don't get burned by the stock market; the system is as risk averse as possible. 
You use it in the management of your own investment portfolio. Try it. It's your portfolio insurance. 

Build your investment markets and portfolio management knowledge.

Get the best stocks: U.S. and TSX
Get the best stocks anywhere

"Your stocks picks are superior."

   - J. N.

"Keep up with the great picks".

   - Bob. S.

"It is well worth the money!" 

   - E.K.

Investment and stock market webinars
Investment webinars
Don't get burned by the stock market
Don't get burned by the stock market. 

Use the benchmark system to stay out of stock market traps.  Risk is typically misunderstood when it comes to the stock market. 


Take the top ranked buys and sells and enter the transactions in any self directed online broker account such as TD Ameritrade, Questrade, BMO Investorline or E*Trade. Save on fees, do better and take comfort in the consistency.

See How to beat the markets.

Crave Investor research is your portfolio insurance plan
What's your portfolio worth? Crave is your portfolio insurance plan

Informative, interactive and interesting. Get critical information on the markets. Boost your knowledge, confidence and build your portfolio.

Stock market strategies; key to portfolio building
Stock market strategy

The Crave Investor experience would cost investors  $240/mth. requiring several sources. But Crave Investor organizes it for an easy to use $40/mth. 

No fluff here; strictly what is relevant for you to manage your hard earned money in real time.


Decades of research and studies are behind the extensive screening process. Use it and succeed.

Very important but often overlooked. Get the strategy that keeps you and your portfolio on track. 

Build your stock market portfolio

Subscribe and be the master engineer of your investment portfolio.

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