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Behavioural Finance

Earnings out, stocks plummet

You might have noticed stocks taking big drops on earnings reports. It's something mutual funds and pensions funds do. Know why? Expectations have changed and they have a lot of stock to sell. It's simplistic to the point of being overly simplistic and you can use it to your advantage.


How to beat the markets

You don't have to check in everyday but when you do the info. you'll see is designed to provide you with market realities and how to action it in real time. The info. here is what you use to build your portfolio with an eye to not being foolish in how risk is managed. It's professional and you may run your portfolio yourself the same way.

The research and portfolio management action is science driven like a real business. The Royal Bank operates that way, so does Starbucks, Tim Horton's, BCE and so on. Investors running their own portfolio and portfolio managers could do the same. 

For market analysts

We're here to educate especially investors and Advisors who conduct their own research. Use and adjust the settings so it's actually useable. Go here for settings and bookmark the saved settings in your internet browser. Need assistance, email

How to succeed with online self directed investment accounts

The key to making science based decisions is to take raw markets data and find a useful pattern. Patterns are the net behaviour of all investors transacting in a security and any financial. You might not like the idea but it matters and using them works. We spend our time finding them and showing how they work. Run your portfolio like a business.

Manage yourself as you engineer your portfolio with useful strategies. Get them here. It's not the market that will hinder you, it's how you deal with it. The research with its scientifically generated screens are presented throughout the day to enable you to stay on top!

Crave Investor is your investment markets benchmark     

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