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How to use your markets analysis and portfolio guidance service


One of the most important things you can do is start with the markets update page. It's the page called Winning Stocks in the main menu at the top of the page. Start there as real time analysis and actionable information starts from there. Refresh your page every once in a while in case new info. has just been updated. To follow the format see What it's about below.

All subscriber access only pages are available through the drop down menu under under Subscribers Resource. Hover over Subscribers Resource to get the drop down menu.

Every day, before the market opens, there is an update. Some info. may be held over as it remains pertinent. Not all of our subscribers check in at the same or with the same frequency, so we want to maintain everything relevant for the current cycle or phase the markets are in. If you check in more frequently it is recommended you reread all of the content.  Use the coloured sections to get your attention. The repetition has been found to be a significant factor in the success of understanding markets and executing with the portfolio. Conditioning matters! Remember that time you did five push ups and thought you were going to die? Well let's get our market muscle in shape! Use sub headings and text highlighted in red to emphasize key themes.

To connect use Prefer to chat? Let's set it up.

Bookmark in your internet browser. (or the Subscribers page). Every browser is different but in Chrome you would click on the star to the far right of the URL field. 

What it's about!

  • Market analysis.

  • Portfolio guidance.

  • Strategy and execution.

  • Mindset management.

  • Building your knowledge.

The service is designed to empower our subscribers to understand the markets and manage a portfolio well.


The research is evidence based producing a precise output from an extensive ranking of indicators and screening of all financial market securities including stocks and E.T.F.s.

Use the investor's resource starting from the Subscribers home page with regular and frequent updates. Whenever you check in, start with this page- Subscribers. Here's what you'll get.

  1. An analysis of the stock market, bonds, commodities and currency markets that reflects the most accurate and timely portrayal of the reality of what is happening. 

  2. The connection to the portfolio and how to execute on a plan that has the highest probability for success.

  3. Minimize bias with objective strategy and execution tactics. 

  4. Build your knowledge. Get the critical elements for being the master of your portfolio.


Risk management is critical at all times in the financial markets. 

Make no mistake about the importance of risk management. Use it or lose it (your money that is). As it turns out, most risk taking is unnecessary especially in the stock market. Control yourself by using the guidance provided. 

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