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Investment workshops, webinars and seminars.
Build your knowledge, build your portfolio.

What you get

We offer quite a bit of information on the markets, all stocks in the U.S. and Canada as well as commodities, bonds and currency market E.T.F.s, from a technical or scientific perspective. It is intended to provide investors with an unbiased, systematic approach that allows you to manage your online portfolio in all conditions all the time. 

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Investor Boot Camp: Two nights, classroom sessions. April 15th and 22nd.  Good work to the students. Great participation.  You all got A's. The follow up homework is to get your system established. Use this.

It's not boring!

You'll like our interactive classroom workshops and online presentations. We dig into key elements of stock market analysis and the realities of keeping our heads on straight while steering our investment portfolio. It's not all dry boring markets stuff, there's a bit of fun along with thought provoking. Some of it will undoubtedly challenge you. All levels of knowledge and experience may . extract something you can use and one thing we'd like to see you take away is to know how to avoid the traps out there. Avoid the naive investor syndrome!

It's all about stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies and how to buy and sell stocks, ETFs as well as mutual fund strategies including the ones the investment industry don't want you to know about.

Be notified of upcoming webinars and online presentations. Email to be on the notifications blast. 

Topics revolve around key aspects of

  • financial market research,

  • portfolio action,

  • knowledge building and,

  • principles in execution in self directed investment accounts. 

Investor Boot Camp: How the Market Works will be a two night session through TDSB Continuing Education in April. Dates to be announced still. Location; Mimico Adult Education Centre in south Toronto. This classroom session should be interesting; certain themes will be presented in a new format and more importantly the smaller classroom size will provide for opportunity to address whatever is on your mind. "I would highly recommend this for even the most seasoned investor, not because I need to fill seats but because there's something to be taken from the course and applied to real world investing." - Paul Thornton, Instructor


"First of all, a BIG THANK YOU for taking the time to give these webinars during this unprecedented period. Appreciate the help you’re giving to members to keep us on track and ensure our financial health in these troubling times.  It’s so much clearer when you talk out the daily comment and strategies in the webinar and show charts to clarify. It has been a great help for me anyway."

"Thanks for doing these webinars. As usual, well presented ,informative, and pertinent, especially during these times. The Zoom hook up is superior. It loads in a matter of seconds and presents the slides quickly and clearly. So, thanks again. We shall see what the world looks like (in the next webinar) !!!"

Webinar preparation

How do I log into a Crave Investor webinar?

(Android devices)

  1. Open the Zoom mobile app. If you have not downloaded the Zoom mobile app yet, you can download it from the Google Play Store.

  2. Join a meeting using one of these methods: ...

  3. Enter the meeting ID number and your display name. ...

  4. Choose the computer audio option and tap Join Meeting.

Help center for webinars.

Solutions for investors

Workshops are designed to provide useful real-world information related to markets analysis, portfolio management strategies, mindset management, and an internalization of financial markets functionality. Cut through the noise and don't get burned by the stock market!

Workshops are conducted by investment markets education expert and long-time investment industry participant Paul Thornton. Paul was an Investment Advisor for 25 years before launching Crave Investor and Investor Boot Camp. Paul has been a regular guest on CP24, BNN, CBC and CBC radio offering insights into the markets and what people can do about difficult market scenarios.

Build your knowledge, build your portfolio

Crave Investor is refined markets analysis and portfolio management approach based on a number of long-term and real-time studies of financial markets. It's rooted in science made easy to use for those who manage their own portfolios including advisors and fund managers. Here's how it works.

Everything in our workshops and the stock market research addresses the question "how do you know?" Bring all questions to workshops as we strive to get better at mastering our portfolios.

For more contact Paul Thornton, your workshop facilitator at

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