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Crave Investor stock market research for investors who manage their own portfolios and want to succeed consistently.

   Buy Low Stock Strategy

You know you want to buy stocks just as they bottom out. But here's the challenge, it doesn't actually work very well. So we did something about it.

We built an algorithm that filters through a myriad of variables for potential buys using the buy low strategy. Now you can dig down to the bottom of the pile and make money!

The Crave Investor Buy Low Robo-Research produces a short list of the top stocks for buying in corrections. Timing is a major factor in the process so you can rest assured you have a quality holding worthy of potential recovery. The marijuana sector has gone to a pot and has attracted a lot of money. However, it has attracted a lot of money while those stocks go to pot and keep getting worse. So don't go there until the Robo-Research generates a signal to buy in. Be ready!

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