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How you knew Bitcoin would go lower

Leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin has hit a new low plunging 70% in just six months. Unfortunately many eager investors have suffered big losses but there's good news. Here's how you could have predicted cryptocurrency markets were in a significant correction.

It's easy to say a market or security, like a stock, with a big long term gain would suffer a huge loss. But that's usually fear talking rather than the recognition of how markets play out. Investments with big gains are how you make money but when the tide turns you need to know when to get out.

All markets are the same!

Behaviors in a market or security provide far more information than alternatives. After all, how money is moving around determines the net impact in the price trend. But how would you have known to avoid cryptocurrency markets like Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Using the price chart below let's look at Bitcoin and see how indicators, in real time, were