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Commodity market E.T.F.s

E.T.F.s or Exchange Traded Funds are investment vehicles providing investors with potentially lower trade and corporate risk than owning stocks specifically. They're also a great way to get an overview of the stock market.

E.T.F.s aren't just for the stock market, in fact, there is exposure to most commodity markets like oil, gold, copper and wheat as well as currency markets and interest rate markets (bonds). If the stock market is out of favor you could be invested in a different one! That's how you build your portfolio!

Crave Investor ranks markets so E.T.F. selection is enhanced.

The E.T.F.'s below are commodity market investments. They may be used in any investment account including registered accounts.

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Under construction. More coming.

Crave Investor research is for investors who manage their own portfolios.

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